VAT Rates for Printed Material – are you paying too much?

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When buying printed materials it’s vital to check that you’re not overpaying VAT. There are four different rates (0%, 9%, 13.5% or 23%). Not all print products have the same VAT rate. For VAT registered clients it’s not an issue as they simply reclaim the VAT however for unregistered clients it can make a big difference.

So, if VAT is a cost for your business, be sure that you’re not overpaying it.

Below are a sample of different VAT rates on printed products, taken directly from the Revenue website.

Examples of printed material @ 0%

  • Books
  • Children’s picture and drawing/colouring books
  • Atlases

Examples of printed material @ 9%

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Periodicals
  • Brochures Catalogues
  • Comics
  • Directories
  • Leaflets/flyers
  • Maps
  • Programmes
  • Prospectuses (College, University, etc.)
  • Sheet Music

Examples of printed material @ 13.5%

  • Photographic prints and certain photographic services

Examples of printed material @ 21%

  • Greeting cards
  • Diaries and planners
  • Business cards
  • Books of stationery
  • Calendars Exercise books
  • Posters
  • Postcards

Branding – The O’Carolan Harp Festival

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Urban Life – Press Advertising

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Property Press Advertising

Urban Life – Dun Eimear residential development

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Brochure Design

Bettystown is a beautiful seaside village situated along the east coast of Meath in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East. It has one of the finest sandy beaches to be found in the country running from Laytown to Mornington. Bettystown is exceptionally well served with a number restaurants, bars, supermarkets including Tesco, pharmacies, take-aways, and a credit union. There are a number of local schools, both primary and secondary. Leisure facilities in the area include an amusement park, tennis club and an18 hole links golf course, gym and a swimming pool. The Dun Eimear homes are situated just off the prestigious Eastham Road. Dublin’s airport is only 25 mins and just 35 mins from the city centre. More shopping, leisure and social persuits can be found in nearby Drogheda only 5 mins away. Bettystown Village itself is serviced by national bus connections and is close to two Railway stations Laytown and Drogheda with very regular services to Dublin and Belfast. Bettystown has a long held reputation for its amazing beach its accessibility to Dublin and Drogheda, its sense of tranquil living yet convenient to everything.

Kells TypeTrail 22nd June 2017

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Branding & Promotional Design

This is the 8th year of the Kells TypeTrail, which will see the theme ‘Words’ appearing in various locations around the town. The TypeTrail is a celebration of lettering as a modern art form. Start at Number 1 on the TypeTrail map and follow the Trail throughout the town of Kells. At each stop you will see different variations of this year’s chosen word, interpreted in a variety of ways by artists and local community groups.
The 2017 TypeTrail will be launched at 7pm on Thurs 22nd June in the Church of Ireland. Free entry.

All are Welcome.

Equipet 10 Year Anniversary Promo

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screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-23-05-44 screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-23-06-03

Promotional A3 printed both sides promoting Equipet’s one day massive 20% OFF SALE.

Urban Life Development Brochure for Termonfeckin Co. Louth.

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Autumn/Winter Rug Brochure for Equipet

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Promoting one’s business through social media

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Get-Social-Advert Get-Social-Media

Ever wanted to get social and promote your business using online social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linkedin? Here is your chance! With our 1 year contract of €129 per month inclusive we have you covered. Call us…

Ebooks and Publishing

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Ebooks and Publishing

Looking to get published? I can help you with everything from a choice of cover design to typesetting and formatting your master piece.

So whats involved, you may ask!

eBook Formats
You will hear more about eBook formats in the coming months and years as publishing moves in an increasingly digital direction. It’s important to understand that not all eBooks are created equal. Some basic knowledge about eBook formats will save you a lot of headache. While a print book can technically be digitized by creating a PDF, a PDF is not the same as an eBook. When it comes to book distribution, a PDF is not considered a valid eBook format and cannot be distributed through sites like and the iBookstore.  It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the acronyms and ePublishing-related jargon, so we are providing you with a cheat sheet on the different eBook formats, file types, and the eReaders that they are compatible with.

This file type can only be recognized by the Amazon Kindle eReader and the various Kindle apps, such as Kindle for PC, Kindle for Mac and Kindle for iPad.

This file type, sometimes referred to as the “universal” eBook format, is recognized by iPad, Nook, Kobo Reader, and most other eReading devices. It’s recognized by many software eReaders, too, like Adobe Digital Editions. These programs allow people to read eBooks on their laptops or computers, rather than purchasing a separate device.

This file type is recognized by Adobe Acrobat Reader and is the format that you are probably most familiar with. PDFs can be transferred to an eReader, but it’s important to note that they cannot be purchased through eBook stores like Amazon or iBookstore. Because they do not have the same functionality as MOBI or EPUB files, PDFs are not considered a “true” eBook.

However – A Print PDF
This file type is stantard for both digital and lithographic printing. It comes with all the required printers marks including book cover bleed, registration and set at 300 Dpi etc. This is a large file format and if it is too big for email transfer, a drop box link will be provided where the print ready document can be downloaded from.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction with my services. I genuinely want you to be happy with my services. If for any reason you don’t like something, I’ll work with you to make it right. It’s that simple.

Bespoke book cover design: Through consultation we outline a design brief with you and then supply three design proposals for your consideration. I can supply your book designed for print and digital download. I can supply you with the various file types required by ebook sellers. Please contact me so I may gather the information required to both price and complete the work. Confidentiality assured at all times.