VAT Rates for Printed Material – are you paying too much?

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When buying printed materials it’s vital to check that you’re not overpaying VAT. There are four different rates (0%, 9%, 13.5% or 23%). Not all print products have the same VAT rate. For VAT registered clients it’s not an issue as they simply reclaim the VAT however for unregistered clients it can make a big difference.

So, if VAT is a cost for your business, be sure that you’re not overpaying it.

Below are a sample of different VAT rates on printed products, taken directly from the Revenue website.

Examples of printed material @ 0%

  • Books
  • Children’s picture and drawing/colouring books
  • Atlases

Examples of printed material @ 9%

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Periodicals
  • Brochures Catalogues
  • Comics
  • Directories
  • Leaflets/flyers
  • Maps
  • Programmes
  • Prospectuses (College, University, etc.)
  • Sheet Music

Examples of printed material @ 13.5%

  • Photographic prints and certain photographic services

Examples of printed material @ 23%

  • Greeting cards
  • Diaries and planners
  • Business cards
  • Books of stationery
  • Calendars Exercise books
  • Posters
  • Postcards

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