Ebooks and Publishing

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Ebooks and Publishing

Looking to get published? I can help you with everything from a choice of cover design to typesetting and formatting your master piece.

So whats involved, you may ask!

eBook Formats
You will hear more about eBook formats in the coming months and years as publishing moves in an increasingly digital direction. It’s important to understand that not all eBooks are created equal. Some basic knowledge about eBook formats will save you a lot of headache. While a print book can technically be digitized by creating a PDF, a PDF is not the same as an eBook. When it comes to book distribution, a PDF is not considered a valid eBook format and cannot be distributed through sites like Amazon.com and the iBookstore.  It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the acronyms and ePublishing-related jargon, so we are providing you with a cheat sheet on the different eBook formats, file types, and the eReaders that they are compatible with.

This file type can only be recognized by the Amazon Kindle eReader and the various Kindle apps, such as Kindle for PC, Kindle for Mac and Kindle for iPad.

This file type, sometimes referred to as the “universal” eBook format, is recognized by iPad, Nook, Kobo Reader, and most other eReading devices. It’s recognized by many software eReaders, too, like Adobe Digital Editions. These programs allow people to read eBooks on their laptops or computers, rather than purchasing a separate device.

This file type is recognized by Adobe Acrobat Reader and is the format that you are probably most familiar with. PDFs can be transferred to an eReader, but it’s important to note that they cannot be purchased through eBook stores like Amazon or iBookstore. Because they do not have the same functionality as MOBI or EPUB files, PDFs are not considered a “true” eBook.

However – A Print PDF
This file type is stantard for both digital and lithographic printing. It comes with all the required printers marks including book cover bleed, registration and set at 300 Dpi etc. This is a large file format and if it is too big for email transfer, a drop box link will be provided where the print ready document can be downloaded from.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction with my services. I genuinely want you to be happy with my services. If for any reason you don’t like something, I’ll work with you to make it right. It’s that simple.

Bespoke book cover design: Through consultation we outline a design brief with you and then supply three design proposals for your consideration. I can supply your book designed for print and digital download. I can supply you with the various file types required by ebook sellers. Please contact me so I may gather the information required to both price and complete the work. Confidentiality assured at all times.